Tuesday, August 08, 2006

TV Fakery?

Instead of evidence, all the USG has offered in nearly five years is eyewitnesses and/or insults.

They've covered up everything, being the criminals they are.

That is all they have--spin, propaganda, insults--anything but physical evidence than can be examined. We have all the real evidence--the kind you can go to court with.

I have reached the decision that anyone using these two methods of rebuttal are shills/agents and dismiss them out of hand.

When you've got the goods, you don't need to smear.

What needs to be kept in mind was all info, that reached our ears, and eyes was pre-approved. There was to be no mistakes, no surprises--i.e. for at least the first two weeks, the press was kept a half mile away from the Pentagon, and were brought "eye witnesses" for them to interview for the nightly news, and glossy stills taken by military photographers, and edited as as need, and only then were handed out--everything was controlled at all the impact sites--attempts to take photos anywhere would cause that person to get tackled, their cameras confisgated.

Those who wish to challenge the TV fakery can take a shortcut, and need explain only two things:

#1 Explain how the planes speeds according to M.I.T., FEMA, et al, were captured in excess of 100 mph above their ability without breaking apart.

#2 Explain why little to no aircraft wreckage with no matching serial numbered specific only to that plane was found at any of the sites, and why all eight of the engines (virtually impossible to destroy) are missing? You can't miss them--they're 9-feet in diameter, 12 feet long, about the size of a bedroom.

(BTW, there are 1000's of those parts that are used as proof that a certain plane went down.)

Repeating--if you have to smear, and rely on eye-witnesses to make your case, you don't have one.

malaprop aka izzy