Tuesday, August 15, 2006



[What will life be like under the New World Order is a common topic that unexpectedly interrupts my thinking. Actually it would be life under the "Neo-Fascists", for there is nothing "conservative" about them--besides, "Neo-Conservative" was a pretty little name they gave themselves, like "Healthy Forests", etc....]

I notice there are several compartments that my mind has assigned for this particular mind-numbing topic for exploration, i.e., political aspects, every day life, etc....

But as far as every day life, and what that will be like, I think it will involve standing in line---for everything.

I picture making an important call, and being put on hold---forever--then hearing a click, then a dial tone, and I will be amazed every time I[''m able to make a connection.

I picture services, like getting one's car fixed, sharply reduced with long waits, and many shops being closed down--dentists may be found working at Walmart, etc....

I picture electricity being intermittent, as the maintanance being indifferent, and the entire country being in a non-stop rolling brownout.

I see water rationing, and bills being tripled as water sold to Halliburton, as happened in
Bolivia, and even the water that is collected in rain barrels being charged for---water being the new "oil". I see having a rain barrel and hiding it.

I picture the highways being a mess of potholes large enough to hide a steer, and being charged a toll to use.

I picture my house being condemned for the use of a factory, and getting nothing in return, except a bill .

I picture "work camps" of enforced unpaid labor, like the Gulags, and work camps of Germany, that kept the factories of
Zionists, supplied with free labor that included Jews, and neighbors being encouraged to turn in friends, neighbors....

I see medical care being available only for the elite, and me and mine left to fend for ourselves with vitamins.

I see the end of free education, for fees will be required, out of the reach of most, and the ciriculum will be politicised--science will not be taught at all, instead a religious account will be taught.

I see going to church will be different, and that the churches will be under FEMA, and likely one religion.

I see being charged fees for things never before charged, and morning to night I will be showing my "PAPERS" and paying for tolls, licenses, fees, for inhaling and separately for exhaling.

I see getting a shortwave radio to get my news, and unplugging my propaganda-delivering-device, my TV forever, only using it for an occasional showing of "Gandhi", some "Monk" shows, retiring all my historical movies, that were based on lies--especially some of the Steven Spielberg movies, and some movies on art, and some blues. Yes, I will play my blues, for they fit right in.

I see hoards of unemployed and desperate people, and will consider getting and hiding my illegal gun.

I see many people living in abandoned RV's, and those with the means, trading in their confiscated home, for an RV, and heading north--way north.

I see law enforcement limited to arresting the general population for unexplained reasons, but leaving the real criminals free to steal again and again and again........

malaprop aka izzy