Friday, August 25, 2006



"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

After four years of having the image of real planes of at least some kind firmly planted in one's mind, it can be difficult to switch gears, but I have due to the study of the images. But in doing so, unexpectedly other bonuses were revealed..

Trying repeatedly to fit all of the left-over anomalies below into the scenario of real planes, just didn't work. They made no sense, and didn't leave the expected physical evidence that should have been plentiful, by instead was strangely absent.

But it's amazing what a 5-10 second tape delay and virtual planes can do, for they all started falling into place.


---Why the plane didn't break apart from the impossible calculated speeds, some 100+ mph in excess

---Why the prolonged stand-down

---why the flt.Controllers tapes were destroyed

---Why no visible wreckage at the towers despite 2 huge planes

---why the roar of the engines were never recorded, despite several cameras being used

---why the planes didn't break up on impact

---Why there was no sign of deceleration at impact.

---Why all 8 engines are missing

--why none of the thousands of specially numbered aircraft components were ever found

---why the only engine found, was cold, under a canopy, and too small--about the size used on a missile

---why none of four flight recorders found

--- why the radar blips didn't add up

---why no relatives showed up at SFO to be consoled by Mayor's Brown's chaplains,

---why the DNA samples from the 'crashes' couldn't go to civilian labs, only to Dover AFB

---why reporters were blocked from interviewing anyone at the Pentagon except people the Pentagon provided

---why the airlines didn't provide the passenger lists, only the Pentagon, who seemed to have trouble being consistent,

--- why there were so few passengers fly an non-stop coast to coast at great loss on 4 flights

---why both "Mark Bingham" and "Todd Beamer" were identiy thefts of already deceased persons

---Why actress"Lisa Beamer" hastily filed application for a foundation in her "husband's" name only 7 days after the attacks, during the search & rescue phase?

---why no interviews of the living hijackers were ever made

---why so few victims claims were filed out of the 4 planes, yet 98% were filed for the victims of the towers

--- why there was no attempt to combine the near empty flights , three going to LAX

---Why none of the three flights ever appeared on the LAX "ARRIVALS" board.

---why a frequent flyer who wanted to switch to flt. 93, an earlier flight, was declined and told "Flt 93 is all booked."

---why there were no Flts 11 and 77 listed on the BTS scheduled

---Why the Pent. flt controller's tape was found to be scripted.

---why no credit card receipts were produced by either USG or families or bills for the airfares

---Why only there were only 129 claims filed for the Pentagon fataliies.

---Why there are hardly any passengers, crew names found on the Social Security Death Indiex.

---why the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund managers fought so hard to keep the names of claimants secret

---why Ellen Mariani whose late husband was listed on flt175, was never able to locate any other victims families of that flt. after almost five years

--- why United benefitted and wasted no time to file for bankrupcty, and divested it'self of pension obligations, and layoffs, and steep reductions of paychecks, yet changed it's registry of one of it's 9/11 planes recently

---why Flt 11's "radar blip" was still 9.6 miles away at the time of the alleged crash into WTC1

---why the families of the tower's victims are frequently heard, but only silence from the families of planes' victims....

---why a "pod" was apparently added by a whistleblower in a few frames.

etc., etc., etc........

malaprop aka izzy

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle
[The "stars" of flight 93 did not exist. As the perps discovered we uncovered that they scrambled to repair the holes in their story i.e. why they were never in yearbooks, etc, but it was too late--the ghost written book by "Lisa Beamer" had many mistakes that could be checked on--the church wedding that never happened, etc....the perps were caught with their knickers down.]