Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Bill Maher's show the other night included some typical remarks about Mel Gibson's mouthiness, drinking. Remarks against Gibson that seemed deliberately included to make points with his employers.

CNN and other networks ran daily tantrums against Mel Gibson for more than a week---the bottom of screen crawl containing the actually wording of "DRUNKEN driving"., yet his blood alcohol level was at the low end of being arrestable, and used to be legal in most states.. It is by no means found in a falling-down drunk.

(In fact many of these speed limit infractions, drinking laws that have been tightened are doubted to out of concern of the public, but as money-makers for local government.) ...and some of us slow-learners have had to go to "Seat Belt School" three times at a cost of $100 each time for a total of $300.)

I think Mel Gibson's remark was along the lines of "the Jews own everything [Hollywood?]. I think that was the entire thing. Of course, that has never crossed anyone's mind before, or none of us, neither Jew or gentile, have ever said the same thing aloud.

Mel Gibson will never work in Hollywood again, as an actor, director, nor ever be able to get financing to produce any film, and even associating with him will be high risk for others in the industry.

Later in the show, Bill Maher, on an entirely different subject, comparing different countries, said, "Of course, we have Freedom of Speech..." completely forgetting his experience along those lines........

We have freedom of speech? Oh, Yeah? Ask Mel Gibson.