Saturday, September 09, 2006


The most important video of 9/11, shown "live" to an unsuspecting, trusting nation. And it's only two seconds long............

Every time you watch TV, you see examples of clips being inserted. It could be a commercial. It could be a "blip" covering profanity....but we see inserted clips all the time.....and 9/11 was no exception. The more one learns about 9/11, the simpler the execution of the plan becomes. They didn't need holograms, bluescreen technology--why complicate things when just a simple edited clip does the job?

There is only one photo/video that matters, and that is the one that was shown to the world "live", (not really live, as there is a mysterious 5-10 second tape delay) and that was A 2-SECOND long FAKE video! There can be no doubt that this tiny clip of only two seconds containing an image that matches up with no known aircraft, has several frames missing, proven by it's hip-hopping across the screen, and staying the same size, is not even a good fake. It's lousy, because fakes can't stand up to enlargement and or slow motion viewing---and it's obvious intent was to just suggest a plane---SUGGEST A PLANE, and the media would finish off the psychological hoax, thru non-stop repetition and fear.

Anyone who insists that we were shown a real plane, is going to have to do some explaining, to do, Watch how the plane "hops" across the screen..... THE HOPPING IS CAUSED BY PUTTING DUPLICATE FRAMES IN THEIR CLIP--A RUSH JOB.

If the most crucial 2-seconds of 9/11 we were shown a faked 'plane', what difference does anything else make?

They think we are stupid and have such contempt for us as human beings, that our lives don't matter, and even the sloppiness in covering their tracks is a testament as what low regard they have for us.

But this historic first glimpse is seemingly "retired"--too obvious to be shown after that first day. All of the clips used on the TV specials, commemorative DVD's use "new and improved fakes" Prettied up. AND THEY ARE NEVER SHOWN IN SLOW MOTION FOR CLOSE EXAMINATION, do you notice that? (that should tip most people off as to TV fakery.....)

IT IS A FAKED CLIP insterted in there, Why? Why did they have to slip in and show us such a sloppy fake if they really used planes? It is enough to show that they showed us on live tv a faked movie only 2seconds long. That's all we have to prove, and have done so. They HAD to use faked planes--they had no choice.

That at that crucial moment on 9/11 we were shown a lousy obviously faked clip. AND THIS IS THE ONE WE TAKE TO COURT. (Keep in mind that this was taken with supposedly a $10,000 camera from a helicopter that stayed in this one position for a very long time--perfectly aligned so that the 2nd tower couldn't be seen.)

All the other faked "plane" clips that the military psy ops guys floated on the Internet the past 5 years to manipulate the public would be hard to use for evidence, no matter how flawed they were, due to they weren't aired "live"......

How a 2-second video, a LIVE footage can have duplicate frames.!!!! . YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE AN ADVANCED DEGREE IN PHYSICS TO KNOW THAT DOG WILL NOT HUNT.

How one 'plane' can come from two different directions. AGAIN, NO ADVANCED DEGREE IN PHYSICS REQUIRED.

How a plane can fly more than 100 mph over it's limit and not break apart in mid air??. Answer: They can't. Only if the video contained a fake plane. A fake plane can go any speed the technician wants.

How a 'plane can approach has no change in size (no perspective) instead looks like something pasted on the screen and slid along.

If the most crucial 2-seconds of 9/11 we were shown a faked 'plane', what difference does anything else make?

They think we are stupid and have such contempt for us as human beings, that our lives don't matter, and even the sloppiness in covering their tracks is a testament as what low regard they have for us.

All of the clips that include "flt 175" have serious flaws in them and are clearly faked.... but it is this fake here that proves that the media was in on the psy ops, and the airlines were in on the deception. This is why the MSM has been so impossible to crack--they were in on it from the beginning, and all the way to thru and including the coverup. The airlines thought they died and went to heaven--kept all their planes, got rid of the pension plans, got to cut salaries to shreds, and get emergency corporate welfare. Of course they were all in on it.

NONE OF 9/11 WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE ASSISTANCE OF THE MEDIA AND THE AIRLINES. The faked passenger lists just provided more opptys to rip off the taxpayer, and "hide" the people that were assassinated for knowing too much.

The presence of TV fakery is plentiful---in every questionable aspect of 9/11 is found doctored photos, videos--it is not just "flt. 175".

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Rothschilds and Gold and the Master Organist

The Rothschilds have an estimated 85% of the world's gold, elites with Rothschilds together have 95%.

The Rothscdhilds set the price of gold twice a day in London.

Pundits come up with all sorts of spin about gold going up, going down, because of this and that reason, and they miss the point entirely.

One has gold to preserve purchasing power of ones savings, no matter what the price is, whether it goes down to $50 per ounce or goes to $1000 per ounce. The perfect example is how many ounces of gold it takes to buy the same house. That doesn't seem to change.

The Rothschilds make the market in gold. That means they control the price. The Rothschild's also have most the fiat currency of the world.

Why the Rothschilds cornered the market on gold is to PREVENT ANY NATION FROM RETURNING TO THE GOLD STANDARD. (backing their currency with gold) To do so would eliminate the need for Fed Reserve Banks, and the Rothschilds would lose their cash cows, of their printing money on worthless paper, yet charging interest on every worthless piece of paper they print. What a marvelous deal for them! No wonder the agreements to let them manage a country's money is generally accompanied by horse's head being found in someone's evoke cooperation!

My picture is this: picture the phantom of the opera seated at a huge organ with many footpedals.

By using different pedals, different results can be achieved by the organist.

One of the pedals is labeled "mortgage interest rates". Another is preferencial rates for outsourcing labor. Another is de-industrializing a country. Another assassinations, wedge issues, sexual blackmail. Another is lowering the margin rates--or the reverse, raising the calls. Another is false flags (remember the Mossad is the Rothschilds' own private black op operatives.)

All those wooden pedals are controlled by the Rothschilds, and playing them in groups of two or more, make new combinations, with new results. This is possible because of the ownership of the world's gold, fiat currency, printing presses, media.

Remember, no major event, war, occurs without Rothschilds' tacit approval. To do otherwise would be unthinkable.

There are very few countries that have refused to turn their money over to the Rothschilds in the form --Afganistan, Iraq (those two now just got "central banked" since our invasion) North Korea, Libia, Cuba, Syria, Iran. Germany was a holdout--and you see what happened to it following WWI.

What we have unfolding before our eyes is an evil, literaly satanic master plan that has been continuously followed for 50-100 years, and now is reaching fruition, barring our intervention that results in a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, or GLOBAL FEDERATION, and the complete loss of any rights whatsoever.

David Rockefeller or a Rothschild will be the tsar.

This plan was designed probably by Nathan Rothschild, and has been stopped by the financial health of America. America first had to be bankrupted, and brought to its knees, before "Globalization" could happen.

We have had all the substitute reasons for 9/11, invasion of Iraq, which are all second to the real one:

The real objective is the complete destruction of America.

Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/other neo fascists, and yes, OUR CONGRESS are not incompetent, they are following the plan precisely: Their job? Destroy America, and that's exactly what they are doing.

To empty the US Treasury thru a long series of wars from the Civil War to present day, delberately prolonged, in order to transfer as much of the nation's money as possible to the elites...... to have deliberate "no win" wars, i.e., Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, (Iran) . (Ask a Viet Nam Vet about the "Rules of Engagement".)

To demoralize the people non-stop thru relentless assassinations, black ops, false flags, that never get fully investigated and resolved, take citizens jobs, their houses, their savings---to the point they'll be desperate for the government's intervention, even to the point of agreeing to giving up their guns, and martial law.

The timing sequence is this:

A financial crisis.

The military so weakened as to be useless except for parades.

Demoralization of the people thru some
crisis--from economic, germs, attack...

Confiscation of firearms. No martial law has ever been enacted against an armed people.

Martial law declared, and with that the cancellation of the Consitution and Bill of Rights.

Property ownership declared illegal.

Troublemakers, real or imagined, put in work camps.

malaprop aka izzy