Thursday, October 12, 2006



Contrary to what occurred on 9/11, this was a REAL airplane. The victims and most of the plane fell to the street. There was a huge black scorch mark running down the side of the building from burning fuel.

There is something suspicious about that crash---but it doesn't seem to be done by the most prolific crashers-of-planes ever, the Bush regime, but is possibly the work of someone who wants to get rid of Bush/Cheney by exposing the impossibility of the official myth of planes crashing into the towers. Maybe the Elites want him out.

Because having this real crash, with a REAL plane, shows the absurdity of planes flown by boogie-men that sail thru steel buildings without breaking up at all! Like the creatures in the game of "DOOM", they go thru solid walls without even slowing down! (Did the makers of DOOM, ULTIMATE DOOM get their inspiration from 9/11 "Butterplanes"?)

Not only that, but no passengers fell to the street on 9/11, let alone wings, tails, or other plane debris.

PICTURE A BEER-CAN. Strong enough to hold its contents, but not able to withstand much else. It can be easily crumpled when stepped on, or even with bare hands. It, like aircraft, is hollow aluminum. Aircraft, large or small, are not built to withstand impact. Most of planes scrunch and bounce off the bldgs. and fall to the street--real ones that is.

Don't forget the public has never been shown a slow-motion clip or even a close-up of the impacts of "plane" even after 5 years.

Why? Ans. because the fakes don't hold up--only that 2-second clip going at full speed, and from a distance is all the perpetrators of the attack is willing for the public to see.

Check out this clip of a truck crash.

No matter how fast a Volkswagon is going, it is not going to punch a hole in the end of an 18-wheeler! (Scientific Wisdom of Reynolds)

(I noticed on the news tonight the beginnings of hiding the aircraft that fell to the street....despite it's small size, it looks like it filled a large dump truck (covered up, of course). I guess they need time to make stuff up about this crash so 9/11 doesn't look too ridiculous......Stay tuned.....