Friday, January 05, 2007



It sounds very much to me that the former Democrats and former Republicans are beginning to get the point, and this shows real promise for Americans. They are catching on to the "New World Order", aka "Global Elites" aka "Global Network".

Consider the tenacles of the matter how far apart they are, they are connected, dependent on same blood supply, they may have names that make them sound like separate organs, but they are not. The different names are merely illusions of independence.

Once you "get it", you'll never listen to the news in quite the same way ever again. What the media is serving up to the world, in TIME, the TV, propaganda-style movies, TV series, is complete garbage, and lies. The lies on the news are so plentiful now, how can we possibly know when to believe them????

Basic devices of the Elite:

When the Elites wish to fast-track one of their assets (water-carriers) into a certain position, they get rid of the incumbent of that position, either thru revealing some criminality that was known all along (the blackmailability of their criminality is a "must" for the Elite--all assets MUST BE BLACKMAILABLE, or they don't get fast-tracked) or they dispose the incumbents thru assassinations, suicides. They drop just enough rumors to scare the mud out of any potential whistleblowers.

The "Elite" is the "Hidden Government." They are:

--International bankers (Fed. Res. Banks),headed by the House of Rothschilds

--That the Clintons, Bushes, Blair and other heads of state assets, puppets of the Rothschilds

--the media, ever obedient servants to the globalist network,

--the Royal families of Europe


--*Trilateral Commission,

--*Council of Foreign Relations

--Multinational corporations, especially those benefitting from conflicts

--Footsoldiers, the intels of Mossad, CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6

All the tenacles exist to serve and do the bidding of the body of the octopus, and have no other real task than that, and they do no good for humankind.

Make no mistake, the globalist plan is purely selfish, no matter what other justifications and "advantages" might be paraded forth.

The greater the distance, the longer the chain of command from the people to the seat of power, the less responsive the government is to the people.--But the same thing is true in overthrowing a government--either by force or by stealth. The simplist way is declare the formation and to put in a brand new position, and appoint a new tsar, the Mega-leader.

The objective:

Objective is control of all the world's resources, including it's water, and accomplishing this thru world domination of all consumers in the world.

IMHO, the Bush/Clinton team is just about perfect. I've never seen any family more ruthless than the Bush family, and never have I seen anyone more devious and charming that the Clinton family--a perfect blend of assassinations of any threats, plus deception of the masses. These are quite a pair to draw to, and it's amazing that they kept this partnership secret all these years.

The greatest lie ever told and ACCEPTED BY MANY is that religions cause wars. That if we didn't have religion, or there was a single one-world religion, we'd have no wars. I believe the questioner needs to go another step and see that various religious leaders are controlled by the rulers-who are almost always atheist themselves-- because these religious leaders want a favored seat near the head of power.

The assertions that religions cause wars I believe wrong, instead, religions are used in wars. I believe that sociopathic rulers , such as Constantine, Caesar, Bush, etc....use religion as they were political factions under their control to use to acquire riches. That religion is an extention of one's culture, and is as much as who one is born to, where one was born, and evil rulers wish to break any and all allegiences except to him and his control.

Everytime I hear someone say a religion is evil, I discover the accuser is unaware of the track record of his own religion's history.

But that is not the point. Hijacking a religion for one's own political end or armies, is just another method of conscription, IMHO, and projecting a single religion as a suitable global religion, is just again another means of putting in a "Religion Tsar". Thou shalt have no other voices but mine.

malaprop aka izzy
*These last three globalist societies remained secret for decades, totally violating Constitutions, etc...working their evil ways, but having been "outted" since 9/11, they are are having to rethink their operations--

For further study of the Global Elites, I highly recommend "The Elites Don't Dare Let Us Tell the People", by Robert Gaylon Ross , Sr, and "Synthetic Terrorism", by Webster G. Tarpley .

Also to listen to Tarpley's most recent radio broadcast on World Crisis Radio, for a briefing of current events, Warrem Commission's Gerald Ford, from a historian's viewpoint... 12/30/06.