Thursday, September 06, 2007


9/11 FORUMS: A Big Fly-Catcher Strip for the Unsuspectiing.??

For those who have never lived in a rural setting, and are unfamiliar with fly-catching strips, they are widely found hanging in barns, backporches, anywhere in horse/cattle country--and some say indespensible for the control of flies. Especially the flies that like to hang outin the shady windless spot that where humans like to sit and relax outside. (It is definitely not the sort of thing one hangs in one's living room.) It's a coiled paper strip, loaded with sticky substance, where an unsuspecting fly that lands on it, is stuck for the rest of it's life.When the strip is loaded with flies, it is taken down and thrown away,and replaced with a brand new strip that when uncoiled, attracts new flies. These are used, as best as I can see, by people who hate flies flying around their face and landing on them, or by people who aren't fast enough to catch them, or by people who want to examine them up close and intimate. It's the latter strip-hanger that will be looked at more closely.

As someone who has been banned a lot, I've also had exchanges with admins and mods each time. I'm starting to see a striking resemblence--in fact they must read the same instruction booklet on info control/gatekeeping, even tho on different forums.Last week I sent private message (pm or email) to someone using theforum buttons, and AFTER I sent it, I received this pop-up msg:

"IMPORTANT: To prevent malicious use, all emails sent via this forumare logged and the contents recorded and available to theadministrators. DO NOT email user names, passwords or any personaldetails. "

(Now, this disclosure that any "private" message I might send could be read and passed around to whomever they want would have been appreciated BEFORE, not after, I had sent the message.

And all the PM's email automatically include both the sender/recipient user names,so this after the fact disclosure is an unappreciated joke.)When did the forums appear on the Internet scene? And whose idea werethey?While they have broadened out to include very innocent topics like gardening, they have been found to be nearly impossible to resist participation on all matters pertaining to discovering the perpetrators, and discovering the coverup of 9/11.

Could the development of these forum programs have been pre-planned just like the Fake truth movement?

They're certainly shill-magnets, but they also have the capablility to draw in the skeptics of the official version and providing convenient means of identifying them. I can also imagine the administrator snooping thru people's inboxes, and pms for an evening's entertainment, Depite particpating in 9/11 forums, and even briefly a mod, I did not realize this capability until I got that little pop-up the other day.

All the forums that I'm familiar with seem to use the same program, so probably all of them have this backdoor for the admins to snoop. (I was a mod on Phil Jayhan's Home for Wayward Shills--and I lasted all of a week.......turned out I was deleting some of his fav shills--then of course, it wasn't long when I was banned for asking inconvenient questions, like "why was there no debris from the plane?.)During that brief time as a mod, behind the scenes there was talk ofwhat people's ISP's are, and their location--but I am deficient in that field, and am lucky to post a photo successfully, and write apost. But in the secret forum within a forum, there was no mention of reading people's forum in-boxes/outboxes, so I've always assumed that there was noability.Forums are like unfenced swimming pools--an attractive nuisance. One sees button labeled "PM", or "email", and one wrongly infers that these mean "private." I learned most of what I know in the forums, but who knows what I traded for that knowledge. But it does seem to make sense the timing of my bannings...... One has to have tremendous trust in the admin, or the keeper of the keys, so to speak, because one is handing over one's identity to them, and trusting them not to go inbox-diving, using one's information to give to some agency.

When I first realized that the government was lying about 9/11--at least the cellphone calls--I stumbled upon LRoll, but was afraid to even stay on very long, let alone become a posting member, for fear of discovery.

And I was scared. This is during the time of hyper-patrotism, "rag-head" name-calling, and no 911 Truth movement hat I knew of--I was fascinated that there were others just like me who doubted. After a couple of months when I saw nothing happen to the people on the forum. I worked up my courage and became a registered member, and thought my clever little screen name would protect me.I know they have so many plants in militia-type groups, that they outnumber the real members in their meetings, and I think forums arefar more dangerous to the perps, and far more important to control,than any little militia group. Remember who the perps' enemy is, andit's not Muslims, it's us.

After Knowing what I know now, I don't think I would have done it--joined forums--at least not so openly. I was naive in many respects, thinking that just "shills" would be attracted to join, whenin truth the likelihood that the forum was started by USG assets. After all, why be a player when you can control the action, and know what they're REALLY thinking?

I see two types of forums/email groups. Both acting as flycatchers. The forums for newbies, and unsuspecting old hands, and email groups, especially inner-sanctum research groups for penetration, to learn what the opposition is thinking, and what they've discovered.

The participant that has continually come up with titilating stuff that no one else has may just be being fed stuff, to distract. The one's choices narrow, when you start to realize that 1/2 to 2/3rds of the participants of any group may be shills/agts., that to use the group for what it is useful for you, and don't use the PM button for "private" communication. They were put there for their advantage, not the users.