Friday, October 19, 2007

Crash Physics for Everyday People and 9/11, 9/12, 9/13

Newton's Third Law. and crash physics.

Bug vs. Windshield.

Doesn't matter which was moving or both were moving, or the speed, the result is the same. Mass wins.

Monday, October 08, 2007



Can you throw an empty beer can at your car and see it go thru it, including the engine block, and come out the other side?

You can't?

Try again. .Keep doing it until you get it right. Harder and harder--- and what happens?

It just bounces back, you say?

It's just obeying the laws of physics taught in high school. How many beer can throws did it take you before you understood the "Newton's Third Law of Motion "? Or are you still throwing beer cans at your car?

Aluminum, steel, mass.......THIS IS WHY THEY COULD NOT USE REAL PLANES!

Most of the plane, and likely 2/3rds of any passengers would spill to the streets below, and there would likely be a survivor or two still in the tower to tell the tales. This wouldn't do.



The Penta-Lawn screw up, where some innocent firemen took a couple ofpictures of the "fire" BEFORE THE "DEBRIS TRUCK" had arrived to stage the scene by strewing small debris from other crashes, but saved for for FEMAand US Army photos. But the early arriving fireman captured the scene totally free of any aircraft debris.


.Then there's the immaculate plane crash at Shanksville, PA. A shallow pit--maybe only 5 feet deep, 25 feet long. Nothing at all. The local coroner left after a 20-minute stay--no signs of remains there, let alone a plane.

Look at the small box, and how passing the green spire, no debris, no sign of anything! this one---also shown "live" on Tv.....absolutely no debris falls from the 'plane', no deceleration.


The security contract was held by Secore, and Israeli-owned company (that has since folded it's tents and stolen its way back to Israel), at all of the involved airports, controlling the personnel, such as
puzzled flight controllers who saw nothing on their screens, and
ground crews that never saw, never serviced, the infamous 9/11 planes.

The ticket agents that never called for boarding those infamous non-existent flights and their non-existent"passengers" who never made reservations, or paid for a ticket, whose non-existant relatives never showed up at the various airports, so the notified chaplains having no one to console, went home. Not to forget to mention the unknown, unlicensed pilots the non-existent flights.

So maybe the usual staff got the day off, or were re-assigned elsewhere, and specially selected Israeli substitutes took their places behind the counters for the day.

Did you know that the engines were not only huge but are mostly steel, SO THAT THEY CAN TAKE THE EXTREME HEAT OF THE ENGINE <--(did you catch that part about the steel?) FOR HOUR AFTER HOUR OF OPERATION?

Silence and cooperation is guaranteed when one's family is threatened. BOTH OF THESE SHOULD HAVE CRUMPLED, BOUNCED OFF THE BLDGS., spilled passengers, seats, contents, out on to the streets below. And it should have BURST INTO A FIREBALL INSTANTLY, which it did not. They did not, because they were cartoons.

(All they have for evidence are their dubious eye witnesses which would never survive cross examination, because of the non-stop for weeks mind manipulations of the corrupt media. They have nothing but shills to spin, which won't work in a courtroom.

No planes is not a theory, but a FACT, and courtroom ready.)

There will be those who will continue to throw their aluminum beer cans at their steel car the rest of their lives, but some will "get it" and stop-- realizing the "plane" was a cartoon.

See September Clues, and 9/11 Octopus

Thursday, September 06, 2007


9/11 FORUMS: A Big Fly-Catcher Strip for the Unsuspectiing.??

For those who have never lived in a rural setting, and are unfamiliar with fly-catching strips, they are widely found hanging in barns, backporches, anywhere in horse/cattle country--and some say indespensible for the control of flies. Especially the flies that like to hang outin the shady windless spot that where humans like to sit and relax outside. (It is definitely not the sort of thing one hangs in one's living room.) It's a coiled paper strip, loaded with sticky substance, where an unsuspecting fly that lands on it, is stuck for the rest of it's life.When the strip is loaded with flies, it is taken down and thrown away,and replaced with a brand new strip that when uncoiled, attracts new flies. These are used, as best as I can see, by people who hate flies flying around their face and landing on them, or by people who aren't fast enough to catch them, or by people who want to examine them up close and intimate. It's the latter strip-hanger that will be looked at more closely.

As someone who has been banned a lot, I've also had exchanges with admins and mods each time. I'm starting to see a striking resemblence--in fact they must read the same instruction booklet on info control/gatekeeping, even tho on different forums.Last week I sent private message (pm or email) to someone using theforum buttons, and AFTER I sent it, I received this pop-up msg:

"IMPORTANT: To prevent malicious use, all emails sent via this forumare logged and the contents recorded and available to theadministrators. DO NOT email user names, passwords or any personaldetails. "

(Now, this disclosure that any "private" message I might send could be read and passed around to whomever they want would have been appreciated BEFORE, not after, I had sent the message.

And all the PM's email automatically include both the sender/recipient user names,so this after the fact disclosure is an unappreciated joke.)When did the forums appear on the Internet scene? And whose idea werethey?While they have broadened out to include very innocent topics like gardening, they have been found to be nearly impossible to resist participation on all matters pertaining to discovering the perpetrators, and discovering the coverup of 9/11.

Could the development of these forum programs have been pre-planned just like the Fake truth movement?

They're certainly shill-magnets, but they also have the capablility to draw in the skeptics of the official version and providing convenient means of identifying them. I can also imagine the administrator snooping thru people's inboxes, and pms for an evening's entertainment, Depite particpating in 9/11 forums, and even briefly a mod, I did not realize this capability until I got that little pop-up the other day.

All the forums that I'm familiar with seem to use the same program, so probably all of them have this backdoor for the admins to snoop. (I was a mod on Phil Jayhan's Home for Wayward Shills--and I lasted all of a week.......turned out I was deleting some of his fav shills--then of course, it wasn't long when I was banned for asking inconvenient questions, like "why was there no debris from the plane?.)During that brief time as a mod, behind the scenes there was talk ofwhat people's ISP's are, and their location--but I am deficient in that field, and am lucky to post a photo successfully, and write apost. But in the secret forum within a forum, there was no mention of reading people's forum in-boxes/outboxes, so I've always assumed that there was noability.Forums are like unfenced swimming pools--an attractive nuisance. One sees button labeled "PM", or "email", and one wrongly infers that these mean "private." I learned most of what I know in the forums, but who knows what I traded for that knowledge. But it does seem to make sense the timing of my bannings...... One has to have tremendous trust in the admin, or the keeper of the keys, so to speak, because one is handing over one's identity to them, and trusting them not to go inbox-diving, using one's information to give to some agency.

When I first realized that the government was lying about 9/11--at least the cellphone calls--I stumbled upon LRoll, but was afraid to even stay on very long, let alone become a posting member, for fear of discovery.

And I was scared. This is during the time of hyper-patrotism, "rag-head" name-calling, and no 911 Truth movement hat I knew of--I was fascinated that there were others just like me who doubted. After a couple of months when I saw nothing happen to the people on the forum. I worked up my courage and became a registered member, and thought my clever little screen name would protect me.I know they have so many plants in militia-type groups, that they outnumber the real members in their meetings, and I think forums arefar more dangerous to the perps, and far more important to control,than any little militia group. Remember who the perps' enemy is, andit's not Muslims, it's us.

After Knowing what I know now, I don't think I would have done it--joined forums--at least not so openly. I was naive in many respects, thinking that just "shills" would be attracted to join, whenin truth the likelihood that the forum was started by USG assets. After all, why be a player when you can control the action, and know what they're REALLY thinking?

I see two types of forums/email groups. Both acting as flycatchers. The forums for newbies, and unsuspecting old hands, and email groups, especially inner-sanctum research groups for penetration, to learn what the opposition is thinking, and what they've discovered.

The participant that has continually come up with titilating stuff that no one else has may just be being fed stuff, to distract. The one's choices narrow, when you start to realize that 1/2 to 2/3rds of the participants of any group may be shills/agts., that to use the group for what it is useful for you, and don't use the PM button for "private" communication. They were put there for their advantage, not the users.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Recent events involving Iran, are far more directed to banking than Uranium.......

"......these International bankers own the Central Banks in every nation of the world, except the so-called seven rogue nations (now down to five, since Afghanistan and Iraq have been invaded, and central banks established.) The U.S. State Dept. defines "rogue nations" as any nation that harbors or supports terrorists. The remaining nations that meet this definition are/were: IRAN, Libya, Cuba North Korea, and Sudan. There is no evidence that Cuba or North Korea harbor, or support terrists, SO THE ONLY COMMON THREAD BETWEEN THESE COUNTRIES IS THAT NONE OF THEM ALLOW THE iNTERNATIONAL BANKERS TO OWN OR CONTROL THEIR CENTRAL BANKS." (Emphasis mine) ---from "The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell The People", by Robt. Gaylon Ross, Sr.----

I think we know enough about these people to know they lie and obsfucate most everything, and neither uranium refining, the protection of Israel is likely the real reason the elites want Iran attacked.


2006--Jan, May, August, September datelines......
[Iran prints it's own money and has resisted becoming controlled as we are by the Rothschild and other int'l banking families.]

January, 2006...

Iran protects cash from any U.N. sanctions[Iran] Central Bank moving foreign reserves out of Europe --------TEHRAN PREPARES ECONOMIC WEAPON U.S. resorts to blackmail to pressure Iran5/23/2006 7:00:00 PM GMT The United States is threatening foreign banks with fines and lost businesses if they continue their operations in Iran in a bid to squeeze the Iranian regime, USATODAY reported. ----------------------------------Tehran, 8 August (AKI) - by Ahmad Rafat - Iran has practically rejected a UN security council resolution threatening economic sanctions if it fails to suspend uranium enrichment by 31 August. And as a document obtained by Adnkronos International (AKI) suggests, Iran means to show how much the West has to loose if a boycott is imposed.The 11-page document prepared by authorities in Tehran offers an analysis of Iran's economic relations with Western countries using data from Iran's central bank, the Bank Markazi. The document rethorically poses as its main question: "who will have the courage to boycott the Islamic Republic?"

[and notice the linkage to NK.]
"The economy of South Korea, whose exports to Iran in the past three years totalled 26 billion dollars, would be hugely damaged by a boycott on Tehran."[more]


Politics & Economics: U.S. Steps Up Pressure for Sanctions on TehranAs Nuclear Deadline Passes, China, Other Nations Balk At Imposing Stiff PenaltiesBy Neil King Jr., The Wall Street Journal, 667 words Sep 1, 2006 Acknowledging that the U.N. route could hit an early dead end, the U.S. is also pushing to cut off bank lending to Iran from Europe, the Gulf states and Asia, though U.S. officials concede that the effort has so far had only limited success. The U.S. is also beginning early discussions of trying to impose harsher economic sanctions outside of the U.N. system, possibly among a smaller group of European and Asian countries with significant exports to Iran. (for subs. only)


Sept. 7th,---Condi says "Iran is a Central Bank for Terrorists".


So just how worried is the Bush admin. about Iran's far distant nuke capabilities (10-20 years away???) or are the Int'l bankers wanting to install their own central (Fed) bank just like they did upon the invasion of Afganistan, Iraq?

Could the dead horse's head in Iran's bed be there from the Rothschild family aiming to acquire Iran's more lucrative banking, rather than any other reason?

Monday, February 12, 2007


To appreciate the "Perfect Storm" that has taken decades to position key people to betray their country so they can be the Elite in a New World Order, we can look at the work done to uncover just who controls the flow of information thru our news, our movies..... (Keep reading--names named.)

Written OVER 100 YEARS AGO, we find.......


"In the hands of the States of today there is a great force that creates the movement of thought in the people, and that is the Press. The part played by the Press is to keep pointing out requirements supposed to indispensible, to give voice to the complaints of the people, to express and to create discontent. It is is the Press that the triumph of freedome of speech finds its incarnation. But the goyim States have not known how to make use of this force; and it has fallen into our hands. Through the Press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade; thanks to the Press we have got the gold in our hands, notwithstanding that we have had to gather it out of oceans of blood and tears. But it as paid us, through we have sacrificed many of our people. -- Prototcol 2

"The principal factor of success in the political is the secrecy of it's undertakings; the word should not agree with the dees of the diplomat.
We must compel the governments of the goyim to take action in the direction favoured by our widely conceived plan............Protocol 7

[They order that all press, all means of information, including entertainment thru literature be owned by them.]

"....Defacto, we have already wiped out every kind of rule except our own,... Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at our discretion and by our direction, for their anti-Semitism is indispensible to us for the management of our lesser brethren." Protocol 9

"We shall deal with the press in the following way: What is the part played by the press today? It serves to excite and inflame those passions, which are needed for our purpose, or else it serves selfish ends of parties....It is often vapid, unjust, mendacious, and the majority of the public have not the slightest idea what ends the press really serves, if such still be possible, we shall inflict fines without mercy.....and [they] shall be shut up at the second attack upon us. No one shall with impunity lay a finger on the aureole of our government infallibility. The pretext for stopping any publication will be the alleged plea that it is agitating the public mind without occasion or justification. I beg you to note that among those making attacks upon us will also be organs established by us, but they will attack exclusively points that we have pre-determined to alter."

"Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control.

"Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already enirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them....

"And if there should be any found who are desirous of writing against us, they will not find any person eager to print their productions.

....we shall set up our own, to all appearances, oppositon....Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated oppositon as their own and will show us their cards....

All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions aristocratic, republican, revolutionary, even anarchical for so long, of course as the consitution exists.... Protocol 12 (from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, 1890's)

"So Congress cannot destroy freedom of the press, but the Elite can.

Who are the Elite? ans. the three secret societies, who do the bidding of the International Bankers, who are the ruling class. There are many lesser societies, but these are unquestionably the most influential.

the Trilateral Commission (T or TC),
the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and the
Bilderbergers (BB)

Their goal? The destruction of the United States by achieving a One World Government, all natural resources, all land, all currencies under one Tsar--David Rockefeller was the suspected choice, but his age may change that to a Rothschild selection.

Are their any Elite in the media?

It is not suprising then that the anchors of all the major television networks remember these [rules] very vividly as they report the daily "news". Members of the secret societies who bring us this "news" [As written as of 2000] are:

Peter Jennings (BB), Dianne Sawyer (Director of CFR '98-99), Garrick Utley (Dir. of CFR '93-), Barbara Walters (CFR), George Will (T), Lesley Stahl (CFR), Ed Bradley (CFR), Marvin Kalb (CFR), Dan Rather (CFR), Jesse Jackson (CFR), Bernard Kalb (CFR), Frank Sesno (CFR), Tom Brokaw (CFR), John Chancellor (CFR), Elizabeth Drew (CFR), Bill Moyers (BB), George Stephanopolos (BB, CFR), Michael Beschlos (CFR), and inducted in 2001-2002 - Paula Zahn (CFR). Other prominet Elite in TV who are/were: Roone Arlege (CFR, Katy Couric (CFR), Laurence Tisch (CFR), Thomas Wyman (CFR), Thomas Murphy (CFR), David Brinkley (CFR), Carl Zelnick (CFR), Barbara Cochran (CFR), Roland Evans (CFR), Joan Richman (CFR), Joan Cooney (CFR), Wyatt Johnson (CFR, TC), Carl T Rowan (TC), Jane Pfeiffer (CFR), Herbert Schlosser (CFR) Robert Frederick (CFR), Sharon Rockefeller (CFR), and Michael Eisner (CFR). You can find out who else in the mainstream news media belong to the secret groups, BB, CFR, and TC, in our first book, Who's Who of the Elite.

Neither Sam Donaldson, nor Cokie Roberts (ABC's This Week, Sundays) were members of the Elite so to make sure they had control, they replaced them both with George Stephanopolos (BB, CFR). Now we see more members of the Elite on this show, such as Fareed Zakaria (CFR), Robin Wright (CFR, Paul Gigot (BB, CFR), and George Will (T).

"An example of how the Elite deny us the facts was during the 32nd Washington Conference of the Council of the Americas, held May 5-7, 2002. I was watching CNN at the beginning of the hour when they show brief 1-2 second snippents of what will be covered in the following hour. On this occasion they showed David Rockefeller shaking Secretary of State Colin Powell's hand after introducing him as the next speaker. I watched CNN for the net 30-4 hours without seeing this speech being covered. Some CNN executive probably saw this on his TV monitor, and ran to the control room and told them NOT to show this event. All mainstream news media has been carefully instructed to NEVER cover any event that David Rockefeller, or the Rothschild family are involved in. Now, I ask--why is this?"
You can read Colin Powel's speech at

"The above protocols are an indication how much value the Elite place in the press. The press is theirs to use to manipulate the minds of the public. They can arouse the public to anger, bring them to tears, with sorrowful events, totally distract them by making some events major that should not even be in the national news arena, and can drive them from the news sources by offering endless details on subjects that are interesting to a very limited audience.
The Elite have owned the press since the late 1800's."


News magazines are very important to the Elite because they control much of the news that is released and also with withheld from the public. The king of this printed media is Mortimer Benjamin Zuckerman (BB, CFR, TC), who is Chairman & Editor-in-Chief of the US News & World Reports and the Atlantic Monthly magazine. In addition he hold the same position with the New York Daily News.....other Elite members of the news magazine industry (names given in book, but generally pub/editors) in 2000, were:

American Spectator (1 CFR) Robt. E. Tyrrel
Atlantic (2 CFR) Thos. M. Powers
Bus./Central NJ. Princeton (1 CFR) Donald M Wilson
Civilization (1 CFR) Stephen G Smith
Commentary (1 CFR, BB) Norman Podhoretz
Constitution (1 CFR) Rudolph Rauch
Environmental Protection (1 CFR) Whitman Bassow
Farm Journal (1 CFR) Jonja Hillgren
Financial World (1 CFR) Kermit I Lansner
Forbes (2 CFR) Michael Novak, Justin Doebele
Fortune (1CFR) Louis Kraar
Fgn. Affairs, Dr. (fmr) CFR, (1 CFR, BB, TC) Jas. Hoge, Jr.
Foreign Policy (1 CFR, BB) Chas. Maynes
Harpers, New Republic (1 CFR) Michael Lind
Harpers (2 CFR) Lewis Laphman, Gene Lyons
Insight and Washington Times (1-CFR) Arnaud de Borchgrave
Medical Tribune; Physician (1-CFR) George Crile
Middle East Quarterly (1 CFR) Daniel Pipes
National Geographic (1 CFR) Robt. B. Sims
National Journal: Fellow, (1 CFR) Bruce Stokes
National Review; PBS (1 BB, 2 CFR) Wm F. Buckley, Jr. Peter Rodman
New Republic (3 CFR) Leon Wieseltier, Chas. Lane, Susan Ellingwood
New Yorker (5 CFR) Hendrik Hertzberg, Sidney Blumenthal, Jane Kramer, Milton Vorst, Mark Danner
Newsday, Inc (3 CFR) Steven Isenberg, James Klurfeld, Wm. Sexton,
Newsweek (6 CFR) Richard Smith, Maynard Parker, Andrew Nagorski, Marc Levinson, Joe Klein, Evan W. Thomas.
Orbis, Global Futures Digest (1 CFR) Norman Palmer
Petrolium Intelligence Weekly (1 CFR) Edward Morse
Political Science Quarterly (1 CFR) Robt. J. Art
Public Interest; Dist. Fellow, Amer. Enter. Inst. (1 CFR) Irving Kristol
Reader's Digest, Assn. (2 CFR, 1 T) George Grune, Kenneth Otto Greene, Melvin Laird
Roll Call (1 CFR) Mortin Kondracke
Rolling Stone (1 CFR) Patricia Cohen
Slate (1 CFR) Jodi T. Allen
Scientific American (1 CFR) Gerald Piel
Time Warner (1 T, 2 CFR) Gerald Levin , Jason McManus, Norman Pearlstine
Time Inc, (2 CFR, 1 BB, CFR) Ralph Parsons Davidson, Marshall Loeb, Henry Brunwald, Murray J, Gart
Time (11 CFR) Stanley W Cloud, Richard Duncan, James, Gaines, Walter Seff Isaacson, Barbara Rudolph, Sally Donnelly, Michael Kramer, Jef Alivarius Mcallister, Henry Muller, John F. Stacks, L. Bruce Van Voorst.
US NEWS/World Report (2 BB, CFR, TC) Mortimer B Zuckerman, David R Gergen
US NEWS & World Report (4 CFR) Joseph Fromm, Louis Lief, Fouad Ajami, Miriam Horn
Vanity Fair (2 CFR) Edward Joel Klein, Elise O'Shaughnessy
Washington Post Magazine (1 CFR) Anne Karalekas
Wishingtonian (1 CFR) Phillip Merril
Weekly Standard (BB) Wm (Bill) Kristol
World Policy Journal (1 BB, CFR) James Chace, (1 CFR) Wm LeoGrande

The Newspaper Industry, has many editors, reporters who are members of the Elite on their managerial staff, which includes

A. H. Belo Corp,
African News Service,
American Newspaper Editors,
Army Times,
Associated Press,
Baltimore Sun,
Boston Globe,
Business Week,
Center of the American Experiment,
Christian Science Monitor,
Comrade Criminal, Cowles Media Co.
Cox Enterprises,
Crain's New Yor Business,
Dallas Morning News,
Des Moines Register,
Detroit Free Press,
Detroit News,
Down Jones & Co.
El Nuevo Dia
Institute on Religion and Public Life
Japan Avenue
John Herling's Labor Letter,
Knight-Ridder Newspaper
Lakeview Journal, Conneticut
Los Angeles Times,
Minneapolis Star Tribue
New Meican, Inc
New Peeerspectives Quarterly
New York Daily News,
New York Post
New York Times,
News Corp
News International, London
Our World News
Philadelphia Inquirer
Reuters News Service
San Francisco Chronicle
Scientific American
Sydicated Labor
The American Prospect
The Globe and Mail
Times Mirrer Co
UN Correspondent's Assoc.
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Washington Quarterly
Washinton Times

There is an unconfirmed rumor that Reuters has bought Associated Press which cannot be confirmed as the Elite always work behind the curtain.

"The Elite are flooding the minds of the public with so much distraction that they are unable to ask pertinent questions and find out what is really going on behind the curtains. The mainstream news media have spent endless hours on television, and countless words in newspapers and magazines on subjects such as: the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, O. J. Simpson trial for killing of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson, abortion, Michael and Janet Jackson's many antics, the Kobe Bryant case, the Scott Peterson's trial for his alleged killing of Laci Peterson, and on and on.* In each of these cases those directly involved were seriously affected, but none warranted exposure in the national news.


One of the defenses employed by military aircraft is to scatter millions of metallic chad behind the aircraft so as to confuse any missles being fired at the plane. This is exactly what the Elite is doing....

[from "THE ELITE DON'T DARE LET US TELL THE PEOPLE" by Robt. Gaylon Ross, Sr.available from ]

* I subscribed for CNN's breaking general news bulletins emails, and one time I was alerted that some daytime soap opera had couple broke up. I was, of course, quite devastated, but I'd never heard of them.

Friday, January 05, 2007



It sounds very much to me that the former Democrats and former Republicans are beginning to get the point, and this shows real promise for Americans. They are catching on to the "New World Order", aka "Global Elites" aka "Global Network".

Consider the tenacles of the matter how far apart they are, they are connected, dependent on same blood supply, they may have names that make them sound like separate organs, but they are not. The different names are merely illusions of independence.

Once you "get it", you'll never listen to the news in quite the same way ever again. What the media is serving up to the world, in TIME, the TV, propaganda-style movies, TV series, is complete garbage, and lies. The lies on the news are so plentiful now, how can we possibly know when to believe them????

Basic devices of the Elite:

When the Elites wish to fast-track one of their assets (water-carriers) into a certain position, they get rid of the incumbent of that position, either thru revealing some criminality that was known all along (the blackmailability of their criminality is a "must" for the Elite--all assets MUST BE BLACKMAILABLE, or they don't get fast-tracked) or they dispose the incumbents thru assassinations, suicides. They drop just enough rumors to scare the mud out of any potential whistleblowers.

The "Elite" is the "Hidden Government." They are:

--International bankers (Fed. Res. Banks),headed by the House of Rothschilds

--That the Clintons, Bushes, Blair and other heads of state assets, puppets of the Rothschilds

--the media, ever obedient servants to the globalist network,

--the Royal families of Europe


--*Trilateral Commission,

--*Council of Foreign Relations

--Multinational corporations, especially those benefitting from conflicts

--Footsoldiers, the intels of Mossad, CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6

All the tenacles exist to serve and do the bidding of the body of the octopus, and have no other real task than that, and they do no good for humankind.

Make no mistake, the globalist plan is purely selfish, no matter what other justifications and "advantages" might be paraded forth.

The greater the distance, the longer the chain of command from the people to the seat of power, the less responsive the government is to the people.--But the same thing is true in overthrowing a government--either by force or by stealth. The simplist way is declare the formation and to put in a brand new position, and appoint a new tsar, the Mega-leader.

The objective:

Objective is control of all the world's resources, including it's water, and accomplishing this thru world domination of all consumers in the world.

IMHO, the Bush/Clinton team is just about perfect. I've never seen any family more ruthless than the Bush family, and never have I seen anyone more devious and charming that the Clinton family--a perfect blend of assassinations of any threats, plus deception of the masses. These are quite a pair to draw to, and it's amazing that they kept this partnership secret all these years.

The greatest lie ever told and ACCEPTED BY MANY is that religions cause wars. That if we didn't have religion, or there was a single one-world religion, we'd have no wars. I believe the questioner needs to go another step and see that various religious leaders are controlled by the rulers-who are almost always atheist themselves-- because these religious leaders want a favored seat near the head of power.

The assertions that religions cause wars I believe wrong, instead, religions are used in wars. I believe that sociopathic rulers , such as Constantine, Caesar, Bush, etc....use religion as they were political factions under their control to use to acquire riches. That religion is an extention of one's culture, and is as much as who one is born to, where one was born, and evil rulers wish to break any and all allegiences except to him and his control.

Everytime I hear someone say a religion is evil, I discover the accuser is unaware of the track record of his own religion's history.

But that is not the point. Hijacking a religion for one's own political end or armies, is just another method of conscription, IMHO, and projecting a single religion as a suitable global religion, is just again another means of putting in a "Religion Tsar". Thou shalt have no other voices but mine.

malaprop aka izzy
*These last three globalist societies remained secret for decades, totally violating Constitutions, etc...working their evil ways, but having been "outted" since 9/11, they are are having to rethink their operations--

For further study of the Global Elites, I highly recommend "The Elites Don't Dare Let Us Tell the People", by Robert Gaylon Ross , Sr, and "Synthetic Terrorism", by Webster G. Tarpley .

Also to listen to Tarpley's most recent radio broadcast on World Crisis Radio, for a briefing of current events, Warrem Commission's Gerald Ford, from a historian's viewpoint... 12/30/06.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


For me, nearly all of what happened to us five years ago is now exposed, by persistant unraveling of their sweaters down to their socks, until now the real evil doers are nakedly standing for all to see their greed, with nothing to hide behind. Let's have a look.


And when the ordinary public gets over their initial denial and "gets it" and believe me, they will, just like when they eventually "got it" about the controlled demoltion . You couldn't tell them just once that it was a CD, but ten times, one hundred times, to eventually penetrate the fog of mind control. Mind control/conditioning is when you believe what you've been told, because it you were told so many times, that even when confronted with the truth, you want to "stay" in the comfort zone of the lie.


And when people finally get it--that a horrendous practical joke was played on them by people who think they're better than them, they are going to really be angry. They are going to be enraged. A black op--being attacked by one's own people, then subjected to 5 years of pschological torture of fear, is one thing---but a hoax, a dirty trick, a practical joke like this? Of being duped? I only know my own reaction of disgust and anger.

It doesn't take too much imagination to picture this bunch laughing at all these 'stupid people' falling for their hoax, and telling one another that "people this stupid deserve to die." I believe this is the Bush's and other principals greatest fear--what the public would ever do to them if they found out the planes were fakes......that the coverage was fake.....that every single UNATTRIBUTED eyewitess was from CIA central casting and filmed days prior......that they find out the lengths that their trusted officials were willing to go to TRICK them........that the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund, was not only a hush fund for the real people, but one more source of "petty cash" for the perpetrators to raid just like the options, under the names of non-existent passengers. That's another thing---all the fake "stars" of 9/11 And I tell you this: I can picture the Bushes watching the very real footage of the jumpers over and over and ENJOYING it. These people are very different than we are--thank God.


Motive, means, opportunity are all identified. And from the breadth of the people who HAD to know in advance, I will never again repeat that old saw, "no way could that many people keep a secret", because that many did. After all when you're an Elite, "it's just the little people who shall die, but so what?"


To the jaded corrupt military brass who have lost their way, it was just another 'ustifiable'black op. These military leaders have not only lost their way, they need to be tried for treason, not only for their part in 9/11, but in not arresting Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld when it became clear that these were thugs bent on destroying the Constitution, the country, so the bankers could buy it up, 10-cents on the dollar. The oaths they take clearly state they are to be willing to die for their country. Obviously these oaths do not apply to the brass. After all, it's just a country--plenty of them to go around. (The treason of the military brass is the sorest point of all, for me.) Oh, well, maybe the gold heist helped.

It will be interesting to see hopefully in an open investigation under oath, exactly what combination of exotic and conventional weapons were used, but I expect we will know eventually from sworn testimony---what the faked TWO-SECOND clip was intended to hide--planted explosives, or missiles, who knows? The thing is we were deliberately deceived according to advanced planning by people we trusted.


Anyone who STILL thinks that a hollow aluminum tube can not only penetrate a steel-clad building, without crumpling and breaking up, yet could remain intact and leave a perfect outline, as if it were solid steel, has never crumpled a beer can, and has no understanding of ordinary cause and effect and is still deeply under the influence mind programming and denial of the Hollywood aspect of 9/11.

When you conclude something is impossible , that means it's impossible--it means it couldn't happen. Two or more impossibles do not make a possible. Or that overlooking the impossible or closing one's eyes and shifting to something else, does not make it possible. Yet that's exactly what I hear on our alternative talk radio day after day, and I have it on quite a bit. I am convinced that our talk radio hosts and guests tip-toe around the missing physical, paper evidence of planes, and passengers by squinting and pretending the farting elephant in the studio isn't there, instead talking about what 'eyewitnesses' had to say--as if that was worth anything at all. And some protesteth too much.

You only need one impossible to blow an entire cover story or alibi. But once one such impossible is discovered, you must go back to something confirmed as true and throw out the impossible, and start over looking for the truth. If you are ignoring scores of impossibles, you may want to explore removing your blinders. And you must throw out all the footage that appeared after 9/11 that supports the USG's unproven claims as "fluff", "spin" there's no accountability as to it's orign, and it only takes 2 hours or less to grind out a fake clip with darker and darker smoke, a prettier and prettier computer-generated plane, and post it on YouTube. It comes under the heading of illusion, messing with people's minds..


They have forgotten that all the footage we were treated to hour after hour, completely altering the memory of the world, had no sound for nearly 4 years.

"Hey! where's the sound? Somebody's messed with the sound!----Why is the clock gone all of a sudden?" Why do they never zoom in and show us a close-up, or show it in slow motion?"

A healthy functioning mind would have been suspicious right away. That same healthy uncompromised mind would have noticed that the same scream was used several times, and would have caught on. But the very reason that eyewitness testimony is so undependable--even with trained professionals--of what happened when, that it is so easy to manipulate memory to a desired point of view.

It also explains the networks desperate attempts to silence and discredit the discovery of the faked planes--to keep from being sued into oblivion. Perhaps we can find a barricaded Molokai for them somewhere. Let them eat urchins, and sea cucumbers, and crunch on starfish. Alone forever exceopt for the geckos at night.

Anyone who watched TV would be disqualified as a compromised witness, for the entire "movie" was meant to fool people. Coming out from under mind control is like trying to swim in pea soup, and there will those who never can be free from the influence. You could not accept anyone as a witness who had watched TV in the last 5 years and was subjected to mind conditioning and 9/11 spin! Besides, eyewitnesses are useless in a homocide--only evidence matters.

And think about the airlines! They lost no planes, because the flights didn't exist. But they got to dump their employee pension plans, medical insurance, fire thousands at the higher wages, reduce services to the customers, and add one fee/tax after another on to their passengers ticket, that some destinations the add-ons add up to $250! If this was not blessing enough for them, they receive 9/11 welfare from the government, and they continue to cry "Poor Me" for even more, all the way to their bank in the Cayman Islandsl, despite THEIR ONLY LOSS WAS A WEEK OF BUSINESS five years ago--ordinary strikes have cost more than that, and no "airline welfare" for those strikes......All I have to say, is I wonder what has been the compensation to the management these five about a success story....


But other than the hardware, I don't have many questions--the visuals on 9/11 was part real, part using illusion of Hollywood. I believe it is important that America and the world know what we know, and let each come to their own conclusion according the degree their compromised memory allows them. Thanks to other's research on the sociopathic Elites of the world, it's pretty clear who benefits. .It was the focused positioning of the sociopaths- into key slots--a perfect storm of thugs, that did it.

According to the polls, only 16% of the country now believe the government told them the truth about 9/11. We shall just have to wait and see how the people handle this discovery and they were victims of a hoax as well.

May God forgive us for the tens of thousands of victims that we couldn't protect, that we couldn't stop their murders by the Elites, but unlike the Pentagon, the media, at least we tried.

malaprop aka izzy








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